“I said to Viggo, ‘I’m gonna put the camera down the hillside a little bit. Can you try to kick the helmet close to the lens? Because it will look great if it just flies past us.’”

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London by Christa Coleman

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i will return for the child within one month

this is your warning

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Could you imagine someone yelling this at you in real life?

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Arctic Monkeys // One For the Road

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Anonymous: Do you know of any safe (virus free) places where I can watch atla bc they took it off Netflix!!!!!!!! Like wtf Netflix. Thanks so much!


sorry i downloaded all the eps of atla! i think theres an atla website you can watch it from but i cant remember it??? can any of yall help me out??

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'Nobody knows what the future holds
And it’s bad enough just getting old
Live my life in self-defense
You know I love the past, ‘cause I hate suspense’

vampire weekend through the years

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Getting into the shower:

Getting out of the shower:

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